About Xziox

Ximax Limited is a registered company in Ghana distributing XzioX to West Africa.

XzioX (pronounced: Zi–OX) is an advanced delivery system generating a chlorine dioxide solution with a purity greater than 99.99 percent. The active biocidal substance is Chlorine Dioxide (CLo2) which is 10 times more powerful than chlorine and chlorine type disinfectants. A powerful algaecide, bactericide and fungicide, XzioX is able to reduce and eliminate those harmful micro-organisms impacting to effecting water quality. Our product is a stabilised high purity (99.99% conversion) chlorine dioxide at 0.35% in water (3500 ppm). XzioX is made from mixing two liquid reagents with water.

XzioX does not contain any by products such as Chlorites, Chlorates and Chlorides; this is due to our unique formulation that allows our clients to use pure CLo2 without any of the usual adverse affects associated with this kind of chemistry. Chlorine dioxide produced by the XzioX method is stable for a minimum of 30 days without a performance loss and does not require generators or expensive machinery to operate.

XzioX is the chemical of choice enjoyed by our clients across the globe, in an array of industries such as acetate production, food grade films & plastics, brewing, beverage production, poultry, agriculture and food processing. As both chlorine and chlorite are becoming unacceptable within various industries, we believe this makes XzioX a highly desirable alternative.

XzioX is currently being used in vegetable and fruit washing , shelf life extension , crop irrigation , CIP ( cleaning in place) , influent , effluent ,legionella control,odour control, food processing, Beverage – Poultry farming and processing, cooling towers, crop irrigation, food grade films and plastics, off line disinfection, shock dosing, seafood processing, vineyards, waste water,grey water and fungicidal control.

Environmentally Friendly

The world health organisations ‘guidelines for drinking water quality’ recommend Chlorine dioxide as a persistent residual for continued microbial control. XzioX offers the perfect solution for micro bacterial control, meeting all the requirements for an a alternative to Chlorine and delivering a superior level of performance.

XzioX is environmentally friendly. Chlorine Dioxide is also an approved substance by the drinking water inspectorate (DWI) of the UK. Many other approvals, include the US Food & drug administration, have been granted or are pending. XzioX chlorine dioxide and its 2 component precursor are fully covered by both REACH and the EU Biocide directive.

By providing a total process for water disinfection based on XzioX, we decrease or eliminate the usage of Chlorine and other traditional water disinfectants. This contributes to better a environment and to the general welfare of consumers by providing safer and healthier products, processes and drinking water.

XzioX does not produce any disinfection by products (DBP) No free chlorine, chlorates, chlorides, chloramines or chlorites.