Ximax Ghana Water Solutions

XimaxGh Water Solutions

Beyond Water Disinfection

XimaX Ghana Water Solutions (XimaX Limited) is the leading distributor of XZIOX® the solution of choice for most of the water treatment applications in Ghana, West Africa and is part of a group of Companies based in the U.K. who are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water purification systems, treatment of water and purification of water in Europe. Our advanced bacterial control products offer significant benefits over traditional methods of water disinfection. We are the inventors and sole manufacturers of XzioX Chlorine Dioxide a highly advanced version of a tried and trusted chemical (CLO2) a high purity Chlorine Dioxide at 0.35%(3500ppm)

Economic advantages

In most cases XzioX minimises the need for use of other chemicals

Does not require expensive machinery

Works within a wide PH bandwidth

Effective Biocide

Simple installation equipment required (subject to site survey)

In most cases an installation consists of a simple dosing tank, pump, water meter and an injection quill.....

Environmentally Friendly
Approvals and Accreditation's

Approvals and Accreditation's

Worldwide Approval - Chlorine Dioxide is approved and mentioned on EPA, WHO, FDA and NSF60 for drinking water and for other applications. It is important to note that XzioX is an advanced delivery system for producing a highly stable pure form of chlorine Dioxide......