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Xziox Super Concentrated

XzioX Super Concentrated

Ideal for in situ production of Chlorine Dioxide - does not need any reactive chambers or generators Used extensively in various industrial applications for water treatment and bacterial control. Just add water! Available in 1, 50, 100 and 500 Litre Kit.

Xziox CLo2 Powder

The same great XzioX CLo2 but in a powder format, fantastic for shipping around to various parts of the world saving on transportation costs
Xziox Powder
Xziox BFR


Custom made to client own specification & concentration

Currently being used extensively for biofilm removal /shock dosing and legionella control in a number of different applications such as those listed below:-

Oil & Gas applications
Downhole Well Optimization
Process Water Treatment
Sulfide Control
Water Flood Biocide
Tank and Pipeline Cleaning