Brewing and Beverages

Brewing and Beverages

The importance of hygiene, particularly with respect to the elimination of micro-organisms, has, since the advent of cold aseptic filling, been a regular topic of discussion in the beverage industry. One option, of increasing popularity, is the use of chlorine dioxide.


XimaX Water Solutions has been developing the use of XzioX in food and beverage applications for a number of years. It is used in brewing, and in the bottling of soft drinks and wine, principally for rinsing and blanching water, process water, performing sterile rinse for bottles, caps and containers. Other applications include CIP, and PET bottle rinsing.

XzioX is an ideal cost efficient replacement for existing disinfection products, such as prismatic acid, chlorine, UV and ozone, most of them can leave harmful by products and have an adverse effect on the produce.

XzioX has been proved to offer the best performance at the lowest concentration levels of all the disinfectants and sanitizers tested. Validated against a wide spectrum of pathogens and food spoilage micro-organisms found within the industry.