Advantages and Differences

Economic advantages

    • In most cases minimises the need for use of other chemicals
    • Does not require expensive machinery
    • Works within a wide PH bandwidth
    • Effective Biocide
    • Simple installation equipment required (subject to site survey) In most cases an installation consists of a simple dosing tank, pump, water meter and an injection quill.
    • Generated in water
    • Once operational system requires very little maintenance
    • Eliminates the need to store different chemicals on site
    • Shelf life of unmixed product is 5 years
    • Product remains active at optimum level for a minimum of 30 days once mixed
    • Health and safety / handling responsibilities are greatly reduced
    • Not corrosive to equipment
    • Does not require specialist trained personnel to handle product
    • Full technical support
    • Does not generate harmful by products/residuals
    • Neutralises odour
    • Environmentally friendly